Ode to the D20

Oh mighty die of twenty sides,
Your geometric grace abides,
In the heart of every player’s hand,
You hold the fate of every land.

A symbol of chance and destiny,
You guide the heroes, wild and free,
Through battles, trials, and endless strife,
Breathing life into the story’s life.

Oh dodecahedron of chance and fate,
How we gather ’round, our breaths abate,
With eager hearts and bated breath,
We roll you, hoping to defy death.

In dungeons deep and caverns old,
Where dragons hoard their gleaming gold,
You dictate the path our heroes tread,
Filling our hearts with hope or dread.

In the hands of wizards, rogues, and knights,
You weave the tapestry of endless fights,
With every roll, you tell a tale,
Of epic quests, where few may prevail.

Oh humble die of twenty faces,
You transport us to fantastic places,
And with a toss, you seal our fate,
In worlds where magic and wonder await.

So, here’s to you, our guiding star,
The key that unlocks adventures afar,
With every roll, we celebrate thee,
The mighty D20, forever may you be!